If you’re a Texas electricity consumer, you should do some comparison shopping at least once a year. And, some energy experts advise even more regularly than that, eg, every six months. Why? Because you could be paying significantly more than you should. Following is why.

Energy prices rise and fall all the time. And in Texas, this is particularly true because the bulk of its energy is produced via natural gas. Hence, if the price of natural gas fluctuates, so does the price of electricity.

Another reason to do some comparison shopping is the plethora of money-saving plans offered by Texas electric companies now. For example, some have enrollment incentives.

These can range from a set dollar amount (eg, $50 to sign up), on up to a free month’s worth of electricity. Even if this is the only money you save, when you parcel those savings out over a year’s time, it amounts to a monthly savings.

Are You Needlessly Paying 30% to 50% More than You Need to For Electricity Every Month?

Finally, there are popular annual saving plans like the Texas LITE-UP program. This plan gives consumers discounts five months out of the year (from May through September). This program is particularly attractive to customers using pre-paid electric service plans, because it can literally cut their bill by a third or more.

The reason electric rates and plans like this save these Texas consumers so much is that prepaid electricity plans cost much more than traditional energy plans – double or triple the amount.

The bottom line is, if you haven’t shopped around for a Texas electric company, it’s like giving money away. And these days, who can afford to do that?

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