According to First Energy Solutions beat out ComEd to sell electricity to Lombard Illinois with offers as low as 4.4 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh). The community decide to go with 4.6 cents kWh plan instead of the 4.4 because the higher rate is 100% renewable.

Government aggregation makes it possible

The municipal aggregation helps cities get a low rate on electricity by pulling its residents buying power. Providers like First Energy Solutions will offer lower prices for consumers buying in bulk. Consumers give up power to choose their own provider to a board of trustees. Electric companies bid and the board decides on with which company to sign a contract. There are options for consumers who want to choose on their own living in a Government aggregated area.

Opt Out vs. Opt In

Opt out is the most common type of municipal aggregation. Consumers have to fill out a form to opt out of aggregation so they can choose a provider. Opt in means you have to fill out a form to accept aggregation.

Residents in Lombard, Illinois, will have to opt out to find their own electric supplier. Saving money with a lower cost provider is the most common reason households opt out of Government aggregation. With First Energy Solutions’ rate of 4.6 consumers looking to save money would have to find a lower rate.

The 4.4 cents kWh rate was offered to Lombard’s Board of Trustees was a lower rate. Shopping for a new electricity company is recommended before opting out. Consumers are not guaranteed to find a lower cost electric provider.

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