Before signing up with a Houston electricity provider, you need to know about fixed vs. variable rate plans, no-deposit options, TDSP charges and special offers. Getting a clear understanding about these things may seem like a waste of time but if you don’t it could costs you.

The most common mistake you want to avoid is signing up with the wrong plan. Variable plans offer you flexibility with the risk that prices could go up. A fixed plan gives you price security with the burden of a contract.

No-deposit plans are only available if you have a smart meter installed on location. A smart meter allows electric companies to track your usage.

Poles and wire companies, like Oncor and CenterPoint, add TDSP charges to your bill to pay for repairs and new technologies. These charges are fixed no matter what plan you choose. TDSP charges are averaged into the prices in’s compare chart.

You should keep a lookout for special offers in the Houston area. TXU recently added a free nights plan; Bounce Energy offers several “green” plans to choose from; other providers offer seasonal sales on electricity.

Once you have gotten all the information about fixed and variable plans, no-deposit plans, TDSP charges and special offers you are ready to sign up for electricity.

Use to sign up and compare several providers in Houston. Type your zip code in the compare box to get started.

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