The shopping process for electricity has not changed. Even though the shopping process is more complicated, because of changes in technology, marketing schemes and demand, it’s basically the same. Deregulation has been around since 2001 and consumers still shop around for the lowest rates.


  • providers are offing competitive electricity services to Texans
  • poles and wire companies still provide relatively fast responses times to power outages
  • consumers look for ways to cut back on energy usage to lower cost

Notable changes in the energy market

The plans offered by companies are harder to understand. Many companies hide fees or show rates which do not include all costs. Unlike other electricity comparison websites, averages in all charges.

Some changes, like smart meters, have given consumers more options to choose from. TXU Energy has started to offer “time of day” rates thanks to the new technology. It cost less to generate electricity at night than at 2 in the afternoon. Energy companies’ plans using “time of day” pricing can offer lower rates during the night.

The big energy companies like TXU and Reliant or not the only trustworthy provider in the market. Many smaller providers have started to show signs of strength, beating the big brands not only on price but on customer service.

The rise of MLMs is a curious case of new marketing schemes. Stream, Ambit and many other energy companies offer people the opportunity to sell electricity through them. MLMs give customers the chance to make money while using the providers’ electricity services. Many of these companies are considered “pyramid schemes” but still provide lower electric bills to their customers.

Electricity demand has increased. Rolling blackouts have become expected since the government regulates the power generation plants with stricter environmental standards.

The shopping process has not changed but the market has matured into a competitive and complex industry. Consumers should search out the facts before signing up with an energy company. is a trusted source for news and info about the changing electricity markets.

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