The attorneys for Glacial Energy of Texas Inc submitted a letter to the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) objecting to Requests for Information (RFIs). The objections are centered on Gary Mole’s relationship with Franklin Power Company.

The attorneys claim the RFIs contain several duplicated questions from previous RFIs which they have provided ample information about.

The Notice of Violation (NOV) proceeding focus on three areas: Glacial’s initial application; 10% ownership restriction; violation of enrollment materials, bills, and disconnection notices.

Glacial’s initial application to become a Retail Electric Provider (REP) has been brought to the PUCT because of Gary Mole’s connection to Franklin Power. It is hard to tell if the PUCT had any knowledge about the connection. The PUCT revoked Franklin Power’s license to sell retail electricity.

The attorneys claim in the letter to have giving copies of thousands of pages of correspondence Mole had with Franklin from November 2003 through the revocation.

Throughout the letter it is stated that Glacial objects “on the grounds that it calls for information that is beyond the appropriate scope of the review in this docket and, therefore, not relevant.”

It may seem to some to be relevant. If the PUCT asked for this information or in any way required it before Glacial became a REP, it is relevant.

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