Electric Car Charger at FreshWith electricity demand expected to increase by 14.8% in 2013, how does the growing popularity of electric powered cars fit into the mix? In Texas, threats of blackouts were high last year because of government regulation, maintenance on power plants and high temperatures. Safe to assume, if electric cars grow in popularity it will only put an even bigger strain on the power grid.

Skeptics argue the cars don’t save them any money. Using less gas but more electricity and its high price tag only adds to overall cost. The stability of the grid only adds to their argument.

Many believe that charging a car with electricity is not actually producing less harmful admission. The power plant still has to generate electricity which produces emissions.

Tesla, trying to solve this problem, came out with its charging station last year which uses solar panels to charge cars. When not in use it will put electricity back on the grid. These stations do not help Texas’ residents since they are being installed in California.

According to ERCOT, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, electric cars should not have any effect on the grid in the long run.

The grid is at its highest risk during peak demand periods from 12pm-7pm. Most people are expected to charge their cars at night to get a full charge before heading to work in the morning.

As electric cars become popular in Texas more power plants will be needed to meet demand. Until then, the high price for the cars will keep demand low.

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