PECO customers are missing out on savings offered by competitive electricity companies. PECO has recently become limited to a default electricity supplier for Pennsylvania. It will no longer be able to sell electricity services at discounted rates or offer green alternatives.

Discounts offered by PECO expired at the end of 2012. Customers receiving discounts on heating will be switched to the default rate. The same goes for customers using wind to power their homes.

Customers who are new to the idea of shopping for electricity are more likely to stick with the default supplier even if it means paying more. Having to learn what all the terms means like kWh and peak periods makes it challenging.

There are several new providers entering the market in Pennsylvania which offer similar discounts. It is recommended to shop around instead of sticking with the default provider.

The default rate  is still a good deal. There are, however, providers which sell electricity at lower prices.

Some providers have been know to hide fees and charges from customers. Some times the price a customers signs up with is not the same price they end up paying.

Many customers make the mistake of signing up with the lowest rate but don’t realize it changed after the first month. Customers should check and make sure they sign up with a fixed rate to avoid any surprises on their bill.

Electricity suppliers (poles and wires) in deregulated states typically don’t sell electricity. The competition for customers is left to electric companies while the generation and lines are left to the suppliers. The Public Utility Commission sets these regulations to help competition and infrastructure.


If you are one of the customers affected by the rate changes you should look to see what savings are out there. You can compare electricity providers here on

Type in your zip code into the compare box and click compare. You will see rates from several providers offering service in your area. If you find a lower rate you can just sign up right online.

For commercial energy rates call 1-800-971-4020.

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