Are renewable energy sources really efficient?

by Luke Johnson on March 8, 2013

alianI was on Google Plus surfing for something to distract me from my busy life when I came across this picture of an alien. The caption  read “You mean to tell me humans have energy resources such as solar power, hydroelectricity, biofuels, wind power and geothermal energy and they kill each other over oil?” It made me pause for a second and ask “why do people believe this stuff?”

Most of the major social media sites (sadly to say I’m on) are constantly filled with people saying “Solar is awesome” or “wind power should take over the world.” I guess when I saw this alien picture it pushed me over the “renewable-propaganda edge.”

Here is another image I recently came across which shows some interesting data on energy sources in the United States.

Wind and solar are not picking up as much as social media would have you believe.

Just a few days ago Germany, the leader on everything renewable, announced it’s going to invest in coal. The country plans to build 5.3 GW of coal generation in 2013 which will generate more electricity than all existing German solar.

Does this mean renewable energy sources are a failed experiment? NO! It just means they need to be developed. It only makes sense to use renewable sources when the benefits out ways the costs.

A windmills cost $10,000,000 but only provides $14000 worth of electricity per month. They have a 20 year lifespan. Do the math.

In my opinion the US will use all renewable energy sources the day global warming is disproved, which means never.

Luke Johnson

Luke Johnson has been writing about deregulated energy markets since early 2010. His knowledge has helped consumers lower their electricity cost. Connect with Luke on Google+.

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