The “Wireless” movement could be taken to the next level with the development of wireless electricity. This is exactly what CEO Eric Giler of WiTricity wants to accomplish.

A home without plugs or cords could be the way of the future. Parents everywhere would save tons money since they would no longer need those horrible plug guards for electric outlets. Ok maybe not tons.

Think about the ease of mind when you walk into a home and don’t have to think about charging your phone. Starbucks would have both complimentary wireless internet and electricity.

Here is an infograph which shows how it works.


Before you jump on train for this new technology, there is one important question you need to ask.

Is it safe?

There has been a big debate going on about smart meters and safety issues but it would look like a speck in comparison with the health issues for wireless electricity.

Basically the technology uses electromagnetic waves to transfer electricity wirelessly. There have been many studies done over effects of exposure to electromagnetic waves. Some studies suggest that long periods of exposure of these types of wave increase chances of cancer.

We are exposed to magnetic waves everyday. Those big power lines have these waves coming off of them. One school in Texas even requested the power lines be moved to protect the students.

“So is it safe?” Maybe. The current for the big power lines is much stronger than the electricity current in your home. It is safe to say WiTricity and Eric Giler have a lot of testing to do before it every reaches the market.

About WiTricity

WiTricity was founded by MIT professor Marin Soljačić in 2007. Marin’s wireless electricity idea is not new. Nikola Tesla claimed he could transmit electricity over long distances.

The presences of Marin Soljačić, a winner of the MacArthur fellowship grant, and the financial investment from companies like Toyota and Haier gives WiTricity a strong foundation to build its technology and someday bring it to the market.

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