Bounce Energy released the winner of its promotion “Pin It to Win It” on its blog. The winners won $1000 gift card for repining five of their favorite Earth Day pins.

Read more about the contest and winners on Bounce Energy’s blog.

Bounce Energy has been using social media to promote electricity service in Texas, Pennsylvania and New York for years. Five years to be exact.

Other energy companies have also used social media to connect to their customers and promote their services. TXU Energy had its “Cash Rewards Sweepstakes” on Facebook were one lucky winner got $10,000 to remodel its kitchen.

Electricity is not easy to promote on social media which is why promotion is so important. The only popular topic surrounding electricity is the green movement.

Supper nerds and people in the industry want to hear about new transformers or generators but it is hard to capture the general public with these topics. Here is a really interesting video about a new technology for a small nuclear fission reactor.

Bounce has done a great job of capturing people’s attention using social media. As of today, it has 1329 followers on Pinterest, 109,000 likes on Facebook and 20,097 followers on Twitter.

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