Summer is here and with the summer heat comes higher electric bills. Not only are your electric bills higher but so is the rates offered by electric companies.

Power plants don’t run as efficient in the summer time because of the higher temperatures. This means the electric company has to buy electricity from the power-generation plants at a premium.

The cool thing about summer, sorry for the pun, is how energy providers support the community. The dangers of high temperatures are felt the most by the elderly. This is the reason for Reliant Energy giving away 100 A/C units to senior citizen this summer. Here is an article about it.

Last year TXU Energy Sponsored “Chill out at the Houston zoo.” It provided cool things for the animals to do in the heat of the day. It feed a snowman to the elephants and frozen treats to the monkeys.

It has not been all good news for electric companies this summer. TXU Energy has been at the bottom of the pile for awhile with its looming bankruptcy. TXU also has come under criticism for its TV ad playing on consumer’s fears. Here is a Dallas Morning News article written by Steve Blow about the TXU’s negative TV ad.

Here is one more topic to cram into this article; Lite-Up Texas. I understand the photo has nothing to do with the low-income assistance program that Texas has been offering for years, but it made me laugh.

Lite-Up Texas program pays for low-income resident’s electric bill from May to August. Residents need to take advantage of saving money during the hottest months of the year. Read our article about Lite-Up Texas to get more info.

That is all I have for now. Please leave me a comment if there is something you feel I missed.

Luke Johnson

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