Electrical conductive paint

by Luke Johnson on July 1, 2013

Bare Paint is a cool “new” product with hundreds of applications for the electronic enthusiast. It seems pretty simple, use paint in replace of wires.

Ok this sound like sales copy and I’m not selling the product. I do think it is really cool and want to get my hands on it.

I’m sure some teacher in a class room is like “yes! I can now inspire my students to become electrical engineers.” I would agree with that teacher.

The technology is relatively new and there are already several interesting applications for its use. One I thought was cool is the grocery store. Take a box of cereal on the shelf with this conductive paint and make it into a little self-promoting ad. You could even have lights on the box. I know that would get really annoying fast.

The really cool things is you can track what items are selling and which areas of the store are not getting customers to buy. From a marketing and stats point of view this is gold. Still you need a smart person to find a way to analyze the data. It also makes it easy for stores to keep it shelves full.

Probable the best application is through education. As that teacher would say “let the kid’s ematnation start and curiosity with do educations part.” Getting kids to design simple calculators, light shows or any number of simple circuits would give kids the exposure their minds need to grow.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make circuits?

I remember when I was younger getting a little snap-on circuit kit. Even though it was pretty basic, I still loved creating circuits.

Later on in collage, studying electrical engineering, I put together electric circuits on grids or using solder. My first group project almost did not work but lucky enough we double checked ever soldered connection.

I guess the complex and tedious-time consuming effort to make a simple FM transmitter is why I switch majors to marketing. I still love electronics, circuits and new technology. With Bare Paint, maybe I’ll fall in love and with the simpler design and application get back into electronic circuits.

A dream I want to see happen is having a painted strip on the road power my electric car down the interstate. People are always complaining about electric cars distance problems but think if the car never left the power source.

It would be safer since you would not even have to drive. You could just say take me home.

Ok enough dreaming. What are some applications you would like to see developed? Do you think conductive pain even has a place in everyday life?

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Luke Johnson

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