Is Reliant Energy double billing customers?

by Luke Johnson on July 3, 2013

I found a letter written to the Public Utility Commission of Texas suggesting that Reliant Energy had double charged Luz and Luis Reyes. The letter was filed on June 24, 2013 and you can read letter in its entirety on the

The just of the letter is Luz and Luis Reyes were charge twice for Transmission/Distribution Service Provider charges, or TDSP charges. The Reyes contacted Reliant with their clam but was told to talk to CenterPoint since the charges are not Reliant’s part of the bill but CenterPoints.

Being charged unfairly on electric bilsl has happened before to others. I wrote about Glacial Energy charging its customers sales taxes.

What does it mean for Reliant?

In the case of Glacial Energy charging customers for sales taxes, the electric company was required to give its customers back the money it had billed them. If the PUCT find that Reliant Energy has double charged its customers TDSP charges than customers should expect a refund.

A side note to all, be sure to check your electric bill every month. Even if you don’t think you are being charged extra charges you could be paying too much for your electricity.

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Luke Johnson

Luke Johnson has been writing about deregulated energy markets since early 2010. His knowledge has helped consumers lower their electricity cost. Connect with Luke on Google+.

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