Updated 7/24/13

ObamaAir Tax on coal generated electricity service:

You know that cheap coal power that developed the US into the super power it is today? Most 3rd world developing nations are being pressured by the United Nations and their warmist group called IIPC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) to make coal power illegal, even in parts of their country that pollute themselves to death with in-home kerosene heaters and cookers when a clean coal plant could deliver very cheap healthy electricity to families that normally would die much sooner because of this unsafe practice of cooking and heating a home with kerosene. 1.5 million people die each year due to Kerosene fumes.

The reasoning for this madness is that a harmless emission called CO2 that are planet produces naturally is supposedly creating Armageddon on earth but no one will be able to observe whether this Armageddon will happen for 100 years which is out of all of these loons lifespans so what the heck do they care sense it is impossible to prove their theory wrong.

The hypocrisy of global warming alarmism is astounding!

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