I wonder if people with free nights from TXU just turn on their A/C at night, that reminds me, I was watching the NFL season opener last night and noticed several ads for free nights and weekend with TXU Energy. I know what you are thinking, “why are you watching ads? Didn’t you set your DVR?” The truth is, I don’t mind ads while I’m watching a live sporting event. If I was watching a TV movie it would have been unbearable.

It would have been funny if TXU had run the ads during the Super Bowl last year. “Hey, baby come see this funny Super Bowl ad that’s playing while the electricity is out.”

Side note: TXU in the news this past week for become the official electricity sponsor of Baylor Athletics. Does this make Baylor sports more electric?


Donny Eisenbach

L.J. have been writing about deregulated energy markets since early 2010. His knowledge has helped consumers lower their electricity cost. Donny has taken over this user for content creation.

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