Bounce Energy starts up its “12 days of Bouncemas” offering customers a new gift everyday for signing up with Bounce.

The gifts are a wide range of gift cards from popular retail stores. Bounce Energy every year does an awesome job of promoting new customer sign up. Giving new customers gift cards is not a new tactic but the card to come in handy during the holidays.

Energy consumers could save over $100 dollars a year by signing up with a rate that is just one cent cheaper than the current rate. Savings really depend on usage. The more you use at a lower rate the more customer save. offers an easy way to compare rates with just a zip code.

First Choice Power closes one if its brick-and-mortar stores in Texas.

Online services like and have quickly become the most popular way for customers to find an electric provider. First Choice tried to switch the trend by opening a brick-and-mortar store in Texas City. The question might be asked “was it a failed experiment?”

As consumers grow up with the internet, it is easier for companies to sell products and services online. First Choice was trying to stand out from all the other Texas electric companies. It was not a failure but more of a conformation consumers prefer to sign up for electricity online.

Here is the aritcle on about the store closing.

Just Energy offers 3 tips to “go green” this holiday season.

It’s the holiday season which means people are going to be spending tons of money on plastic for their kids to play with. Just Energy wants consumers to spend their money and go green. The article on its blog gives three simple steps to go green during the holidays. Here is the article:

NRG’s report over estimated costs of power outages to the Texas economy by a factor of ten according to Commissioner Ken Anderson.

When people get their electric bill in the mail and open it up to find out how much they are going to shell out they don’t really think about TDSP charges. NRG’s report said the Texas economy should expect $14 billion lose due to power outages. These losses will be paid by consumers on their electric bill under TDSP charges.

The $14 billion will be divided across the state equally according to consumers’ power utility. The commissioner seems to think NRG’s report has over estimated the costs of power outages. So who is right? Consumers will have to wait and see on next years’ electric bills.

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