Product, services, and technology overload?

by admin on February 19, 2014

In a recent press release about TXU, the company claims it is the best because it creates value for its customer through innovation technologies and products. From smart phone apps that regulate a customer’s energy usage to its easy to use website TXU has got what every techie needs.

However, could TXU, despite its good intentions, be adding to the technology overload? How many consumers actually have time to use all the technologies on a regular basis? TXU would not have invested in the technologies if there wasn’t a need. In the Huffington Post’s article titled “How To Take Control Of Your Tech Habits (INFOPRAPHIC)” it suggests technology has decreased efficiency of living. There is an infograph in the article that shows how to decrease technology dependence by adopting a strategy. Price has never been TXU’s selling point, value and options are. See video below for TXU’s prices for zip 77077 on 2/19/2014.

If TXU Energy does not have the lowest price how is it so successful? TXU’s brand is one of the oldest in the Lone Star State. The trust people have in the brand is from its history. Shoppers who compare rates and find lower prices would be hesitant to sign up with a company they know nothing about. There are horror stories all over the web about energy companies ripping off customers with variable rate plans. TXU has stayed away from the negative light.

Another reason for TXU’s success is thousands of people live in a deregulated area in Texas. Most of these people take advantage of shopping for an electricity service plan; however, people who don’t understand the market, or how to shop, end up staying with their default provider. For most TXU Energy is the default provider.

There are over 25 different energy companies to choose from in Texas. The number is always growing as new energy companies enter the market. This is why exists. We want shoppers to have an easy way to compare several energy companies’ rates without wasting their time contacting ever company to get rates. We also screen the providers we let list rates on our chart. It’s a shame Texans are paying, in some cases, twice as much for electricity than their neighbor because they refuse to shop for a better rate.

Tryout ElectricRates’ compare chart to see if you could save money on your electric bill today. It’s fast, objective, and easy.

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