California is a recent deregulated electricity service market as of April 2010. California had been deregulated in the past but the California energy crisis of early 2,000 put that on hold. Texas, New York and several other states have had great success with deregulating the electricity service markets and so CA is back on the band wagon.

Commercial Electricity Rate Quotes in CA

Be taken out to bid in a reverse auction by a California energy consultant.
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This time there are more rules and regulations in place to prevent energy market manipulation in order to protect businesses and the electric consumer. California is in a heap of an economic problem right now and so the deregulation process should create new jobs and opportunities in CA as well as lower electric prices and encourage competition.

Some of the larger areas of California are available to shop for commercial electricity suppliers competing against the old monopoly electric utilities. If commercial electricity competition goes well in California the state will open up what is known as “Direct Access” to residential electric service customers in CA as well.

Having the power to choose an electric company for both residential and commercial customers will be the most ideal situation and CA is heading in that direction.

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In order to make the most use out of the Direct Access electricity comparison process it makes sense to have a CA energy consulting company go out on your companies behalf.

An energy consultant can take your historical or estimated electric usage out to bid to several competitive electricity suppliers in California.

The electricity auction process is transparent to the customer and in the end a detailed proposal shows you the savings and end result of having the California electricity suppliers compete for your business.

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Hi I was wondering if you cover the yuba sutter counties in california please let me know thanks

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Are you wanting commercial or residential service?

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