Electricity Rate Comparison Websites ListThere are several energy comparison websites for residential electric service. There are also some commercial energy comparison websites that act more like a teaser to get your interest in order to grab a lead and send this lead on to either an energy consulting company or an electric provider. Some of these websites are genuinely helpful and others seem to be fashioned to direct you to the company website they would like you to choose.

There are also the reviews and star ratings. Sometimes the ratings seem a bit skewed as if purposefully giving a false positive. You won’t find every rating system incorrect but it is a real problem. The rating systems on the internet or pretty bad overall. You can see an issue with these on Amazon, Netflix, Google and many other popular services. Some of these companies have even deactivated their rating systems as they were being so overly manipulated it was causing more harm than good.

PUCT ComparisonThe PUCT of the Texas government offers a Retail Electric Provider average rate comparison.

These PUCT electric rates are worth considering when going on a shopping and comparison website for retail electric service. These comparison sites are not primarily concerned with showing which companies offer a no deposit offer or a prepaid option although these options are offered by some of them as well.

Electric Company Ratings I recommend using this article to send to friends and family that need help shopping.

Making an informed decision regarding electric service is only becoming more important as essential services like these take on ridiculous price levels.

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Below are the retail electric provider comparison websites (Some come and go but we try and keep this updated):

https://www.powertochoose.org The state of Texas government website for Retail Electric Service Comparison