For residential homes and large commercial facilities and businesses you will find that there are government programs out there that can save you additional money on your electricity costs.

For large commercial facilities there are money on the table programs that offer tens of thousands of dollars a month in savings.

By using automated equipment that can sometimes be paid for by demand curtailment programs offered by the government some facilities have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

What’s required:

  • Opt in to turning your facilities equipment off and running it on generators for a few minutes of time  3 or 4 times a year.
  • Most facilities will not have to turn off their equipment more than once even though they have opted in to the program.
  • If you choose to not turn off the equipment you are simply kicked out of the program. This offers a no risk guarantee since you do not have to participate.

For Residential electric service consumers:

  • There are government rebate programs available for most large home appliances. By upgrading to an energy efficient energy star rated appliance you can get a few thousand dollars back from the government and lower your electric bill.
  • A home energy audit and update from an energy efficiency consulting company usually has several government rebate choices.
  • One of the lowest cost ways to improve a residential homes energy efficiency is through an air conditioner lubrication application.
  • And new insulation in a homes attic.

Feel free to contact us below to learn more about how you can participate in these electric service savings programs.

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