IPCC and Vincent Gray from New Zealand

I have asked my friend Dr. Vincent Gray from New Zealand, who has served as an expert reviewer for all five of the reports issued by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), to comment on the latest Summary for Policymakers (AR5) report. Dr. Gray holds a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Cambridge University and is the author of a book The Greenhouse Delusion. [Note: Dr. Gray is also a member of the CFACT Board of Academic and Scientific Advisors.]

Vincent, as a climate scientist and long-standing IPCC expert reviewer, what is your opinion regarding the science offered behind the “greenhouse delusion” in this latest report?

Larry, they have found that the public will believe almost anything that is represented as being agreed by “scientists,” provided that you have enough of them and they are backed up by the requisite number of celebrities and public figures.

Unfortunately for their message, there is no evidence that human-emitted greenhouse gases have a harmful influence on the climate. So it becomes necessary to use spin, distortion, deception, and even fabrication to cover up this absence of evidence with a collective assertion of belief in their cause to an increased level of certainty. In the end they must rely merely upon collective opinions within their selected ranks, of which they once again claim high levels of certainty. However, they run into the problem of imposing such severe discipline on so many people, most whom have been trained to think independently.

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