Sea levels falling?

When I think of global warming I think about rising sea levels and the movie “The day after tomorrow.” The scary moments in the movie are when the water levels rise so high they flood New York. Of course the fact that I even saw the movie show that even bad entertainment can be entertaining.

Maybe the next movie idea for climate change will have sea levels fall. If you think I’m making this up maybe you should read the article I just found on

Yes climate change is at it again taking all the credit for any and every big weather change. I love how “man” thinks he is the center of the universe. Back in the day even the church thought the sun revolved around the earth. Now we have people like Al Gore saying the earth’s climate change is centered around man.

I’m not saying that man has no impact on the earth but maybe we are taking a little too much credit. The weather revolves around “man” and if man does not change than the world will not change.

I don’t want to get too preachy so I’ll leave you with this thought. If the world ends is it a bad thing? I don’t think there is a scientist on the earth that really believes we can stop the earth from dying. They think we can slow it down.

Which one is sadder, watching someone slowly being pull off of life support or just pulling the plug? I guess the biggest reason why people want to try to slow down the earth’s death is because of the children and rightful so.

I don’t normal write about climate change or global warming but because of the recent news coming out of Australia I had to write something about it.

Cheers! (just because of Australia)

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